Care and storage

All of our pieces of jewelry are waterproof, but they will last longer if they come into contact with them as little as possible. In particular, contact with chlorine and salt water can damage the necklace closure.
Therefore, it is better to remove your jewelry before showering, bathing or sauna.

To give your favorite pieces a longer life, protect them from mechanical and chemical damage. Therefore, take off your jewelry before gardening or doing sports for example, and only put it on after you have styled, so that it does not come into direct contact with sweat, dirt and styling products.

You save time and money if you first soak your jewelry for about 15 minutes in lukewarm water with a mild washing-up liquid.

With the help of a very, very (!) soft toothbrush or a soft leather cloth, you can now clean your jewelry, then rinse it off with clear water and finally polish it to a shine with gentle, circular movements.
Please do not use conventional microfiber cloths or something similar, as you could scratch the soft silver or gold.
With a soft leather cloth / linen cloth you are on the safe side!
Now make sure that the jewelry is completely dry again after cleaning, so that no new water marks appear.

Gold and silver cleaning cloths are also suitable, but please be careful that you buy high quality and be careful not to scratch the jewelry. Before using gold and silver baths, please do some research on how to use them.
If you have an ultrasonic cleaning device, you can use it to put your jewelry in the soapy water there!


It is best to keep your jewelry in a dry place (i.e. not in the bathroom) so that the high humidity cannot have a negative impact. It should be protected (for example in a closed box) and, if you want to be absolutely sure, stored airtight. A softly lined jewelry box with as many subdivisions as possible would be ideal so that the jewelry cannot scratch each other. You can also put the supplied tissue paper in your jewelry box as additional protection against oxidation / scratching.

Important instructions

Like any other gold and silver jewelry, ours can tarnish and oxidize over time. This is not uncommon and has something to do with the pH of the skin and sulfur compounds in the air.
There are also pieces of jewelry in which this is used specifically as a stylistic device, such as the bee on the bee ring. If this happens to you with your jewelry, you don't have to worry, by cleaning or polishing it with a soft leather cloth / linen cloth it goes away quickly.

It pays off if you clean your jewelry very gently every few months, because that way you can enjoy it for a long time! 

                 - The effect is great and it hardly costs you any effort -

We hope the care instructions have helped you and now you can take care after your little pieces in the best way!